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    Move Update Update

    On Nov. 23, 2008, the United States Postal Service put Move Update requirements into effect for Standard Presort Mail as well as First Class Presort Mail. The good news is that the new implementation date of the Move Update non-compliance charge for Standard Mail pieces has been changed from May 11, 2009 to Jan. 4, 2010. Yet on the USPS Web site, the new standards themselves are still listed as being effective on May 11, 2009. We called the Move Update Support Department seeking clarification.

    A postal service employee on the support line said it is possible that Standard Mail that does not comply with the new Move Update standards may not be accepted after May 11. Questions remain, however, as to how individual post offices will verify compliance. Even mail entry units that have a MERLIN machine may not be best equipped to do so, as we have heard of instances where a mailer's presort software found a higher percent of address changes than MERLIN resulting in a rejection of the mailing (here you may be asking, what the what?).  And what of the several smaller locations that do not have a MERLIN?

    Of course, after the January 4 deadline next year mail will be accepted even if it doesn't meet Move Update standards, but at a hefty price. The current proposal is that Standard mail that does not pass with a score 70 percent or higher will receive a 7-cent per-piece surcharge. First class mail that doesn't make the grade will simply lose all discounts, going at the same 44-cent rate as stamped mail, as long as it weighs an ounce or less.

    But here even more questions arise, such as how and whom they will charge for non-compliance? Will they charge the mail owner or the mailing agent? The permit holder or the list owner? Will they draw it directly from your account at a later date or make you pay in advance? Excuse us if this is starting to sound like a rant from Roseanne Roseannadanna

    Finding all the information about the Non-Compliance charge has been difficult but here is the article about the date change on the pcc insider Web site:


    Here's the updated Advisement Policy dated April 7, 2009:


    The amended notice to the Postal Regulatory Commission can be found here:


    Now is the time to start getting used to the new requirements, if you haven't already.  We at Total Fulfillment/iPresort have what it takes to be sure your mailings are in compliance. Those who wish to contact the postal service directly may call the Move Update Support Department at 1-800-589-5766.

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