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    • Stamps designed by creator Groening
    • 5 different designs of Simpsons family
    • Vote for favorite design, win a poster

    Looking for a way to bring some levity to your mail?  Might I suggest a stamp that bears the grinning face of Bart Simpson.

    On May 7, 2009, the postal service will release a line of 44-cent Simpsons stamps.  There will be five designs, each featuring a likeness of one of the series' titular characters.  Series creator Matt Groening penned the stamps.

    Stamp subjects are chosen by the USPS Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee.  The committee receives about 50,000 suggestions every year, and makes its selections based on how well a subject fits 12 criteria.  They greenlighted the Simpsons stamps thanks to the series' longevity and cultural relevance.

    The postal service wants you to vote online for your favorite Simpsons stamp design. You can also enter to win a poster autographed by Matt Groening.

    My favorite?  Well, it's hard to choose, but I'm going with Bart.  You may disagree, but don't have a cow, man.

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