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  • A Muppets Christmas Mail Music Monday

    I heart the Muppets. This movie, “Letters to Santa: A Muppets Christmas”, came out a couple of years ago but well after we all became addicted to our tablets and smartphones. Even in this digital age, it’s interesting how many movies, TV shows and other pop culture references there are to snail mail. With good more »

    Mentions of USPS in pop culture today: Intro

    Seems a little backward to be posting an introduction to this series after an initial post with the “Mentions of USPS in pop culture” title but I just couldn’t wait to get that first post up. There are little flashes of inspiration that hit me all the time but so rarely get acted upon. I more »

    Mentions of USPS in Pop Culture Today: Part 1

    Watching television and about 2 thirds of the way into “The Ornithophobia Diffusion” episode of Big Bang Theory (CBS) there’s a mention of Sheldon’s fear of the mailman. I love this show and the fact that Sheldon is from Texas just makes it that much more fun because I live in Texas. Of course, also adding more »