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    • Ball State study
    • Teenagers responding to direct mail
    • Personalization increases effectiveness

    We old schoolers who have been in the mail biz for years know that our medium is still the most effective means of bringing in new customers.   The exciting news is that results from research recently performed by Ball  State University shows that we are right!

    I recently attended two presentations about new media and the ways they are being used.  One was provided by the Business Marketing Association Dallas/Ft Worth chapter and the presenter was Jake McKee.  Very interesting guy, that Jake.  After the official presentation we chatted a bit with Tom Howard who told us some of his favorite things about twitter.

    The other presentation I attended was just last night, and was sponsored by the Fort Worth Postal Customer Council.  The presenter was Jeff Brady of Brady Media Group, former news anchor at WFAA.  He was the one who told us about the Ball State University Center for Media Design research.  The main message he shared, and it makes perfect sense, is that traditional means of marketing are still relevant and well received by most folks.

    The research shows us that young homemakers (females aged 18-34yrs) use new media and text messaging, but really don't want to be contacted by marketers through those same media.  But 72 percent of them say that they have been influenced by direct mail to make a purchase.

    And get this, 58 percent of teens aged between 15-17 years said that they were influenced to purchase something by traditional direct mail.

    Today we can combine Direct Mail campaigns with more than just TV and radio ads.  So what do you think would happen if you designed marketing campaigns that incorporated traditional and newer means of communication?

    While your existing customers might respond to ‘opt in' email notices sent by you, you can use postal mail to direct potential customers to your website to print coupons, enter contests or just learn more about your company.  And by incorporating ‘purls' and personalized messages, you enhance the effectiveness of every part of your marketing campaign. Mail campaigns are great for driving people to your website, and the more interaction you can encourage the better.

    We all want exposure.  Without it a business can't grow.  How about mailing something that invites your recipient to ‘tweet all about it'?  If you make the campaign intriguing enough to provoke an action then you are getting your message out there multiple times to more potential customers with one mailing!  How about that bang for your already well-spent advertising buck?

    It's time to join the new world of media out there tweeting and YouTubing and otherwise chatting it up.  It's time to be a part of the fun!

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