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    Data Processing

    We can import your Excel, dbf, ASCII and most database formats into our
    postal software, normalize the addresses, and add the zip+4 digits,
    carrier route codes and the delivery point bar code. Multiple lists can
    be merged and deduped during data processing .

    We are licenceed to preform USPS NCOA (National Change of Address) Move update processing on your list to assure that more of your presorted mail gets delivered to your address lists.

    C.A.S.S. certification and Postage Optimization allow us to determine the best delivery and postal savings.

    Data Processing Services

    Duplicate Detection

    iPresort / Total Fulfillment offers intelligent duplication detection. Postage is the most expensive component of your direct mail campaign. By eliminating unnecessary duplicates from your mailing we can save you in postage, printing, and processing costs.

    Our advanced mailing software will recognize Robert as Bob, William as Bill and Patrick as Pat just to name a few. We can dedupe by:

    • Address only
    • Last name and mailing address
    • Full name and mailing address
    • Business name plus Full name and mailing address
    • Or your defined duplicate criteria

    By eliminating duplicates your list prior to printing your materials you are not only saving money on printing, mailing, and postage, but are also helping to save our environment.

    Data Services offered

    • First Class Presort
    • Standard Presort
    • Non-Profit Presort
    • C.A.S.S. Certification
    • National Change of Address
    • Duplicate Detection
    • Personalized Mail Merge
    • Carrier Route Code
    • Normalize & Merge Files

    Our success depends upon your success!

    iPresort / Total Fulfillment is often able to save you enough in postage, materials and employee labor to pay for the cost of our data processing services.

    Try us on your next presorted mailing. We will be on time, hassle free and affordable!

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