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  • Spring ahead this Mail Music Monday

    See if you can catch the mail reference in this timely piece of mail music. It's not as overt as usual but it's there and it's not really that big a stretch to make this the perfect choice for today's Mail Music Monday. Pay no attention to the dates referenced as it seems that this was written a while back as a contest or campaign to end Daylight Saving Time.

    I actually like having more daylight hours at the end of my day, but is anyone else missing that hour we lost? My head isn't the only thing confused by this time change, a¬†few of my clocks are also confused. I have an old alarm clock that I have to set every Daylight Saving Time, or as it's commonly called, “Daylight Savings Time”. I have an oldish alarm clock that used to set itself to the correct time — that is until they started messing with the dates that we Spring Forward and Fall Back. That one and my programmable thermostat will take a week or so to get themselves back on track. I say “get themselves back on track” because if I change them now, they'll change themselves and be wrong again a week or two from now. The first thing I do is set the clock on the programmable coffee maker. Now, please excuse me, I need another cup.

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