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  • Putting mail to work for you: Postcards

    Part 1 in a series on the benefits of different mail media.


    • Fast delivery
    • Versatile and cost-effective
    • Announcements, promotions
    • Reminders or invitations

    At iPresort / Total Fulfillment, we work with all types of direct mail on a daily basis. We are familiar with the strengths of different mail media, and how they are best suited for reaching specific advertising goals for our clients.

    One medium that stands out for its versatility and cost-effectiveness is the postcard. Postcards are a great medium for brief messages, such as announcements for newly opened businesses or promotions for new products and services. Used as reminders or invitations, they are a great way to gain new customers and to keep in touch with existing ones. They can also work well for special offers and coupons. The concise nature of the postcard's message makes it more likely that your audience will read the whole thing.

    One of the challenges for mailers is getting the recipient to open your mail. With a postcard, that is not a matter for concern, as there is nothing to open. Your message is right there in the recipient's hand.

    Postcards also have several attributes that make them an economical choice. Most obviously, they offer substantially lower postage rates, with single piece First-Class postage set at 28 cents for pieces that qualify as postcard size (up to 6″ X 4 ¼”), and presorted automation rates as low as 20.5 cents. Compare that with 44 cents for a 1-oz. First-Class letter.

    But postage isn't the only way postcards save money. Since they use less paper, they keep material costs low, and having fewer pieces to handle saves on labor. At every step of the mailing, from printing to delivery, postcards are typically the most economical way to go.

    Some of the money saved with postcards can be put toward making your mailing look nicer. Heavy, glossy stocks and eye-catching design are frequently used in postcard mailings, making them look more expensive than other mail media that actually cost more. Another way to take advantage of the savings is to mail more frequently, using postcards as a tool to increase the effectiveness of your branding strategy.

    Postcards have a lot going for them. They are an economical and good-looking way to get your message to a targeted audience. Whether you want to keep in contact with your customers, or you're looking to drive traffic to a website, you can make your message pop when you use postcards.

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