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  • Mail Music Monday looks back at the USPS of 1967

      Every time I hear this song, by Paul Revere and the Raiders, I wonder what it would be like if played at a higher speed? But when you look back at what was going on with the U.S. Postal Service when this song was written (1967), you realize that the bogged down, sluggish almost more »

    Seamless Acceptance

    This is a time of transition for the mailing industry in general, and the USPS is looking at ways to adapt to the new business environment. One of the changes the postal service is considering is a vaguely defined concept known as Seamless Acceptance. Seamless Acceptance is basically a simplified mail-entry process in which the more »

    Every Door Direct Mail program attracts new mailers

    The USPS’s new Every Door Direct Mail is generating a lot of interest and excitement from small businesses in our area and beyond. We’ve attended some of the seminars the Postal Service has put together to explain the program to the community, and have seen first-hand the enthusiastic response. Perhaps even more encouraging, we think more »