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  • Facebook Fail or ?

    Well, I’m still nursing my wounded ego after what happened the other day. It all started when I checked our Facebook page to see if my “National Cheeseburger Day” post went up okay. I used HootSuite to schedule it and it’s been a little glitchy lately. I got all excited when I saw the notices more »

    Announcing OpenCamp Dallas 2010

    On August 27, 2010, we are attending an historic event in Addison, TX.  It’s called OpenCamp, and if you are a webmaster, web developer, blogger, podcaster, social media enthusiast or someone who is interested in web content creation you should be there too. OpenCamp is the first multi-platform web conference to be held in the more »

    Direct Mail Compliments Social Media Marketing

    One of the more prominent forms of branding today is getting your customer base to personally identify themselves with your product or service. For example, every time you see a car with one of those Apple stickers on it, you’re seeing branding at work. That person is saying, “not only do I love my Mac, I consider it a part of my own identity. Hello, I’m a Mac.”