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  • Direct Mail Compliments Social Media Marketing

    One of the more prominent forms of branding today is getting your customer base to personally identify themselves with your product or service. For example, every time you see a car with one of those Apple stickers on it, you’re seeing branding at work. That person is saying, “not only do I love my Mac, I consider it a part of my own identity. Hello, I’m a Mac.”

    Personalized mailings offer exciting capabilities

    Highlights Open a dialog with customers Next step in targeting markets Develop/strengthen brand loyalty One of the chief advantages of using direct mail is the ability to target your message to a very specific audience. Even better, modern print technology has enhanced that advantage by allowing the mail pieces themselves to be custom-tailored for individual more »

    Mail survey results may surprise you

    Highlights Younger consumers still check mail Security of mail a plus Coupon mailers doing well Despite declining mail volume over the last few years, consumers have indicated that they still like to get things in their mailboxes.  That is the conclusion Pitney Bowes’s most recent mail preference survey came to in 2007. The study found more »