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  • Mail Music Monday goes to the Post Office Christmas Party

    Last week we had the Muppets but we’re taking a walk on the darkside with this one.  Deadbolt calls itself “The Scariest Band in the World” and calls their style “voodoobilly”. It’s kind of a mesh of surf rock, rockabilly and psychobilly – all genres that I enjoy.

    I put it out there with tongue in cheek, as it’s a song about going postal. That's not a term that the USPS is fond of, but it’s doubly appropriate today — the busiest mailing day of the year.  You may have seen on your local news that the expected volume of mail today had mail carriers in many cities delivering packages on Sunday and they will be doing it again next Sunday, the Sunday before Christmas.

    The holidays up the level of stress for a lot of us, especially those hard working folks at the post office. Keep in mind that less holiday sneer equals more holiday cheer as you stand in line at your local post office, today.


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