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  • USPS closer to ending Saturday delivery of your mail

    Yes, it's finally come to this. I'm surprised that it's suddenly making the mainstream news as it's been proposed for years. It looks like it may actually happen in August of this year — 2013.

    When it first came to my attention I was shocked at the varied response of the mailing industry. My fellow mailers were all over the board with some making comments like, “No use wasting time worrying about it, they're the post office and they will do whatever they want.” and others saying things like, “It will never happen.”

    I also heard a lot of comments, mostly from leaders and board members of various mailing organizations, who said things like, “Well, better 5 day delivery than ‘no' delivery.” All I could do back then was shake my head and keep sharing my own point of view, which was, “Six day delivery is too important to our industry and American citizens — mostly the elderly and those in rural communities — to end.” And now it appears to be ending without a fight.

    Well, a few are still fighting but is it enough? I agree with¬†American Postal Workers Union (APWU) president, Cliff Guffey, when he says, “USPS executives cannot save the Postal Service by tearing it apart.”

    I just feel sick about this. Seems that few put much thought into others who are affected by and dependent on mail for important life affecting correspondence, government checks, or contact with the outside world that they may not otherwise have because they live in rural areas without access to a great internet connection.

    How do you feel about this announcement?


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