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  • Mail Music Monday Wraps Up Christmas

    Well, ready or not, here comes Christmas! Christmas Wrapping was written by Chris Butler, leader of American post-punk band The Waitresses, who says it was inspired by “just very much that for years I hated Christmas … Everybody I knew in New York was running around like a bunch of fiends. It wasn't about joy. It was something to cope with.”

    Many of us in the United States are using the excuse that we had fewer shopping days between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas to explain how we got behind. Couple that with some extreme weather events and we are even more behind. I wonder what excuses (if any) are made by people in other countries? And as long as the weather didn't knock out the electricity, what kept folks from shopping online?

    This Mail Music Monday song gets straight to the feeling of hustle and bustle that almost all of us go through each year. At least it ends with a little Christmas joy.

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    2 Responses to “Mail Music Monday Wraps Up Christmas”

    1. Paul Bobnak says:

      Great song! I also like & recommend a version of this song by the ska/punk band Save Ferris: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKt6UjHQ5PY