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  • Mail Music Monday celebrates Sir Paul McCartney’s 71st birthday

    Paul McCartney's seventy-first birthday is June 18, 2013, and he still rocks a stage like no one else can. His appeal is part energy, part infectious grin. I mean the guy just looks like he's having a blast up there. Bonaroo 2013 just ended Sunday, June 16, and Paul played the festival with other music greats but, really? Of  'em all, Paul McCartney is the greatest.

    The Beatles have provided me with whole lotta mail music (All My Lovin, P.S. I Love You, Please Mr. Postman cover, When I'm 64, and many more) but I was especially pleased to find this by Sir Paul himself. Maybe you know of a special gem I haven't uncovered yet? If you have a favorite Beatles mail music tune, let me know. Until then, happy birthday Sir Paul McCartney and thank you for continuing to rock our socks off.

    P.S. I Love You

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