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  • Mail Music Monday celebrates the official start of Summer

    Friday morning at 12:04 am was the official beginning of the Summer season so, of course, I went in search of the perfect Summer Mail Music tune.

    So many versions of this song out there. I really had a hard time deciding which to use but, mostly because of the hair and the extra fancy guitar licks, I went with this one.

    I can only imagine the excitement when Eddie Cochran came out with this song and the devastation at his passing at only 21. If I ever go to London you can bet that I'll be visiting the spot at Rowden Hill, Chippenham where a plaque marks the spot where we lost him. His fiance at the time was Sharon Sheeley who was in the car at the time had a colorful history of her own, writing songs for Ricky Nelson, Glen Campbell, Brenda Lee and others. They say that when the accident happened he threw himself over her. He died but she survived.

    I love music from many different generations, many different artists and of many different styles, but for some reason, I have a special affinity for those who were true rebels. Eddie Cochran was one of those and this version of “Summer Time Blues” from Brian Setzer is a tribute in that he was a true fan. I hope you enjoy this mail music tune and if you'd like to tell me about your favorite version of this song, I'd love to hear it.

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