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  • Mail Music Monday celebrates Judy Garland’s birthday

    How fortunate for me that one of my favorite Hollywood star's has a Mail Music Monday birthday this year and also sang a mail related song.

    The back story makes it all the more special. According to wikipedia, “Judy Garland's number, “You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want to Do It)” has been cited as her first great film success. The song was specially prepared by Roger Edens for Clark Gable‘s 36th birthday as a present, and Garland sang it at the party given by MGM. Producer Louis B. Mayer was so impressed he ordered that it be included in the next possible musical MGM was producing.[3]

    The “next possible musical MGM was producing” was Broadway Melody of 1938. It's said that this was Judy's big break and led to her winning the role as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.

    In addition to singing this, there are other things that make Judy Garland a Mail Music Monday hit. She did a concept album in 1959 titled “The Letter” and, per this wikipedia article, ‘The original three-track stereo recording is exquisite, and upon its initial release, special copies of “the letter” were placed in envelopes and taped to the front of each record jacket”.'

    Add to that the plot of MGM's movie musical The Havey Girls, in which Susan Bradley (Judy Garland), travels by rail to meet and marry the man whose beautiful letters she received after she answered a “lonely-hearts” ad, and we just have all kinds of mail related references. And, of course, her being a singer, she brings the music. And what sweet music she brings. Oh, Judy, you made me love you, I didn't wanna do it, I didn't wanna do it.

    If you're a Mail Music Monday regular (and music fan in general) you might know of the connection between this week's mail music and last week's. It proves how music bridges generations. If you know what it is, it would be nice of you share it with those who are not as up on their musical factoids.


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