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  • Putting mail to work for you: Dimensional Mail

    Part 4 in a series on the benefits of different mail media.


    • Cuts through mail clutter
    • Starts conversations
    • Always gets opened

    Dimensional mail is the one kind of direct mail that is universally loved.  Successful mail marketers know that boxes and packages always get opened.  Who doesn't like getting a surprise gift in the mail?

    Dimensional mail is among the most costly mailing options, however that does not mean it is not cost-effective.  The key to making dimensional mail work for you is in the list.  Since the cost of postage, labor and the promotional items themselves is higher than what you'd spend on another type of mailing, it is essential to use a very finely targeted mailing list.  This pares down waste and gets your mail to those most likely to have an interest in your products or services.

    One of the more common uses for dimensional mailings is in the business-to-business market.  Packages are even more effective than envelopes when it comes to making it past gatekeepers.  The increased likelihood of a package being opened by its intended recipient contributes to a high ROI, which helps offset the costs of a dimensional mailing campaign.

    Another unique benefit of dimensional mailings is their longevity.  Marketers who have used the medium successfully tell stories of promotional items from past campaigns seen on recipients' desks months or even years after the mailing took place.  These promotional items have the power to start conversations and keep your company in front of your clients' faces long after you've mailed them, something more conventional mailings cannot accomplish.

    Of course, dimensional mailings aren't appropriate for every occasion.  They require more planning and cost more than just about any other mailing option.  However, just like a tuxedo, they can be used to great effect in the right situation.  If your goal is to dazzle a small group of recipients with a slick, highly targeted mail campaign, dimensional mailing is your top-shelf option.

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