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  • The ‘Save a Tree’ myth

    How did you celebrate Earth Day this year? Did you hear a lot of talk about going paperless and saving trees? I did. And every time I hear a comment like that I feel a little more irritated. Why? Because so many well meaning people have that ‘save a tree’ thing backward. It makes me more »

    Mentions of USPS in pop culture today: Intro

    Seems a little backward to be posting an introduction to this series after an initial post with the “Mentions of USPS in pop culture” title but I just couldn’t wait to get that first post up. There are little flashes of inspiration that hit me all the time but so rarely get acted upon. I more »

    What mail services providers can do for you: Basic preparation.

    When I tell people that I work for a mail services provider, most people say, “Oh, you send out the coupon packs I get in the mail.” Technically, no, that’s another company. But the coupon packs are a familiar example of direct mail marketing, which is a large part of what mail service providers do. more »