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  • What does the fox say about Mail Music Monday?

    Okay, this was a shameless ploy to get you here. I’ve never heard the fox mention Mail Music Monday but the guys who brought you that viral video created this one. I couldn’t find a translation to English so, unless you speak Norwegian, you have to watch the video to get the mail reference. If more »

    Mentions of USPS in pop culture today: Intro

    Seems a little backward to be posting an introduction to this series after an initial post with the “Mentions of USPS in pop culture” title but I just couldn’t wait to get that first post up. There are little flashes of inspiration that hit me all the time but so rarely get acted upon. I more »

    Five day delivery and the holidays

    I have a lot of family and friends with birthdays this month and, I was just realizing that if the Five Day Delivery plan were already in effect, this would be one of those weekends when the mail would be delayed for three days of non –delivery instead of just one due to Veterans Day. And because more »