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  • The ‘Save a Tree’ myth

    How did you celebrate Earth Day this year? Did you hear a lot of talk about going paperless and saving trees? I did. And every time I hear a comment like that I feel a little more irritated.

    Why? Because so many well meaning people have that ‘save a tree' thing backward. It makes me both angry and sad to realize how many people jump on a band wagon without really doing their homework. Do you really want to save the trees? You can, and, at the same time you can save jobs and boost the economy.

    Please check out these websites and accept my challenge to bust this destructive myth.

    • http://www.amorian.org/2009/09/10/the-myth-that-using-less-paper-saves-trees/

    “When a company decreases its paper use, it does not decrease the number of trees that are cut down.  It only lowers its business expenses for paper.When companies decrease their paper consumption, they aren’t trying to save the environment.  They are trying to increase their bottom line by saving money.” – Scott at Amorian

    “The U.S. pulp and paper industry generates more
    than 60% of its energy from carbon-neutral biofuels.”
    “The average data center serving our electronic devices consumes the same amount of energy as 25,000 households.”
    “As it turns out, most of the trees that are planted in America are planted with the intent of eventually harvesting them to make things like paper. This means that if we all used less paper, there would be fewer trees planted. ” – Lawrence W. Reed

    And feel free to share any other ideas that you have about how we can spread the truth about what really threatens our environment and the quality of life we want for future generations on this big blue marble.


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