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  • Postage rates went up January 26, 2014 but 2nd Ounce Free continues!

    Yes, the US postage rates went up effective January 26, 2014. There is some good news, though. The USPS decided to continue the “Second Ounce Free” rates for First-Class Mail Presort and Automation Letters. What is “Second Ounce Free”? Or “2nd Ounce Free”? It’s a rate that allows you mail presorted First-Class letter mail that more »

    Mail Music Monday doesn’t get more mail related than this.

    “U.S. Mail” by Lenny Lashley I’m so lucky to have made Jamie McLennan’s acquaintance! He goes by @Jamieprints on Twitter and has a fun JamiePrints Facebook page where you can learn and share about all things print. He always has a kind word and lots to offer at our weekly #printchat. Another great thing about more »

    Dallas honors President John F. Kennedy

    This is a somber day. 50 years ago the president was killed in Dallas and the city has struggled with the stigma ever since. I admit that I’m impressed with how Dallas is handling this horrible anniversary. When all the hype about the events planned for today was just starting, I thought it was bordering on more »