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  • What mail services providers can do for you: Basic preparation.

    When I tell people that I work for a mail services provider, most people say, “Oh, you send out the coupon packs I get in the mail.” Technically, no, that’s another company. But the coupon packs are a familiar example of direct mail marketing, which is a large part of what mail service providers do. more »

    Seamless Acceptance

    This is a time of transition for the mailing industry in general, and the USPS is looking at ways to adapt to the new business environment. One of the changes the postal service is considering is a vaguely defined concept known as Seamless Acceptance. Seamless Acceptance is basically a simplified mail-entry process in which the more »

    Pioneers of American Industrial Design commemorative stamps

    This summer, the USPS released its Pioneers of American Industrial Design commemorative stamps. The set celebrates American designers who have made a lasting impact on the look of the world we inhabit. That look, straight from the middle of the 20th Century, is seeping back into vogue now. Midcentury is all over television, with shows more »