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  • Mad Men Season 5 Premiere – was it good for you?

    As a long time fan of the series “Mad Men” on AMC, I have seen every episode and yet I can't remember if they've ever mentioned a direct mail campaign? So, not having the time to watch all four previous seasons to find out, I did a little Googling. As often happens when I'm researching a topic, I took many side trips on the internet highway. One of which led me to this video which I originally found in a post on the Copyblogger site called, “David Ogilvy's ‘Secret Weapon' of Online Marketing, Selling, and Business Success” by Robert Bruce.

    You have to get almost 3.5 minutes in (3:41) before he starts to tell of his secret weapon. Most people will tell you the answer is “Direct Response Marketing” but he's much more specific than that. Listen carefully at 4 minutes and 15 seconds. That's when you learn what form of Direct Response Marketing is his “secret weapon” and how he deployed it and how it grew business.

    We aren't an ad agency. We're a marketing services provider. We don't come up with the campaigns but we sure know what vehicle drives results. I'm not surprised to hear him say that his secret weapon is Direct Mail. I'm not. I just wish I didn't have to get more than half way through the video to hear the words. And though I said “is” his secret weapon, David Ogilvy passed away in 1999. But Direct Mail is still alive and kickin'.

    I enjoyed the season premiere of Mad Men, even if I now have that Zou Bisou Bisou earworm that other fans of the show have been tweeting about. But I never did find out if Mad Men did an episode mentioning Direct Mail Advertising. Do you know?

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