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  • Mail survey results may surprise you

    Highlights Younger consumers still check mail Security of mail a plus Coupon mailers doing well Despite declining mail volume over the last few years, consumers have indicated that they still like to get things in their mailboxes.  That is the conclusion Pitney Bowes’s most recent mail preference survey came to in 2007. The study found more »

    It’s a good time to mail

    Highlights Fewer pieces vs. fewer campaigns No spam filter Tangible message in hands Remember that old saying about dark clouds and silver linings?  Sometimes I think a businessman must’ve coined it, because it seems that opportunity presents itself even in unfavorable economic circumstances. Near the end of fiscal year 2008, the United States Postal Service more »

    Putting mail to work for you: Dimensional Mail

    Part 4 in a series on the benefits of different mail media. Highlights Cuts through mail clutter Starts conversations Always gets opened Dimensional mail is the one kind of direct mail that is universally loved.  Successful mail marketers know that boxes and packages always get opened.  Who doesn’t like getting a surprise gift in the more »