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  • V-Mail

    Ever since modern postal systems developed in the mid-19th Century, mail has been one of the most common ways of supporting troops stationed far away.  A letter from home is one of the few things a soldier in the field can look forward to.  Today, e-mail has eclipsed traditional letters in popularity, but this is not the first more »

    Every Door Direct Mail

    The Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail program offers mailers an attractive new option for getting their message out. Every Door Direct Mail is essentially a streamlined process for sending saturation mail to a targeted area or areas without a mailing list. There are two sides to EDDM, to serve the needs of two different more »

    Paper stock: uncoated vs. coated.

    More than just affecting how well your campaign makes it through the mailstream, the paper you choose can contribute to the impression it makes on the customer who receives it.  Your selection can be used to say something about your company or product. One of the trends that has developed over the last decade has more »