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    The Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail program offers mailers an attractive new option for getting their message out. Every Door Direct Mail is essentially a streamlined process for sending saturation mail to a targeted area or areas without a mailing list. There are two sides to EDDM, to serve the needs of two different kinds of postal customers.

    Every Door Direct Mail

    USPS Every Door Direct Mail

    Retail customers can send up to 5,000 pieces without a permit account. The pieces have to qualify as Standard Flats and weigh no more than 3.3 oz, and they have to be entered and paid for at the post office location that delivers to the area for which the mailing is intended. The mailing needs no addresses, and can be sent to every address in a carrier route, neighborhood or zip code. The sender needs only to add a USPS-specified generic salutation in the address area. Mailers can use a USPS-provided generic permit and pay at the front counter with cash, check or credit card.

    The retail option is good for small, local businesses looking to increase their profile, and particularly enticing to those who aren’t used to filling out postal forms and keeping up with the latest rules and regulations. But there’s another side to EDDM, intended to accommodate larger mailings and wider audiences. Sending a campaign this way allows for larger pieces, as well as more of them, but requires the mailer to have an active permit account. Such mailings must be entered at the BMEU much like a regular mailing.

    At iPresort, we’re ready to help both kinds of customers realize the advantages of Every Door Direct Mail. Whether it’s inkjet printing the salutation and address line info for a small, local mailing here in the Dallas area, or doing all of the preparation work for a large, national campaign, we know how to make EDDM work for your company.

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    10 Responses to “Every Door Direct Mail”

    1. Blue Skies says:

      FYI: After 35 years of being chastised over typos, I am forever conditioned to spot them…. In the following intro description for your “Every Door Direct Mail” program, I found the actual name of the program miss-spelled.

      “Every Door Direct Mail

      EDDM doorsThe United States Postal Service is now offering a new program called Ever Door Direct Mail, and like any USPS program it has it’s own acronym, EDDM. Every Door Direct mail allows you to target geographic locations by mailing to every door on a postal carriers route. And the best part is you don’t even need a mailing list!

      For more information about EDDM, check out these blog posts, Ever Door Direct Mail.”

      • Thank you, Charmaine, for visiting our site. I see that it was actually an error on one of our pages but, because one can not comment on a page, you found a way to make us aware by commenting on this blog post on the same topic. I really appreciate you finding a way to help us make that correction. Please stay in touch.

    2. MFSA Midwinter Conference 2012 in Phoenix says:

      […] development.If you’re going to be there, you can find me giving a short presentation about Every Door Direct Mail and fielding questions as part of a panel discussion at breakout session #2, “Making EDDM […]

    3. Hi, ED. Thanks for sharing your success with EDDM. We’ve found that Every Door Direct Mail works best for neighborhood stores like dry cleaners, dental offices, restaurants and other businesses trying to build local traffic. It is definitely not the best solution for a business that needs to reach a more targeted audience. We also believe that when printed with a QR code or Purl it can make an offer mobile and be even more effective.

    4. eddm says:

      We’ve seen a TON of success with local businesses mailing every door direct mailers. While many direct mail pros are criticizing the lack of personalization, a compelling local EDDM piece with an attractive offer beats the pants off a PURL or QR code. We’ve seen response rates in the 20%-30%+ range – which I’ve never seen on a segmented list with purls. Just our 2 cents.

      – ED

    5. maria jose says:

      Nice article.Every Door Direct mail is one of the best service for marketing purpose.It is designed to reach a broad audience in a localized area. So, Every door direct mail is really a amazing tool for small business companies with little budget for marketing.

      • Thank you for your recent comments on our posts about Every Door Direct Mail. Please take a look at some of our other posts and share more of your thoughts with us.

    6. maria jose says:

      I really agree that EDDM is the one of the best marketing option for businessmen because it help a company lengthen their reach with their clients by way of saturation e-mails without the need mailing lists and other service fee.

    7. maria jose says:

      Nice.Every Door Direct Mail is the best solution of marketing.It is designed to reach a broad audience in a localized area So, Every door direct mail is not only for big companies which are well established but this is also perfect for small business companies with little budget for marketing.

    8. Every Door Direct Mail Retail program allows US businesses to bring their marketing material to their local post office and mail for 14.2 cents per postcard. Previously to the start of this program the post office would charge 44 cents for a stamp. This new price equals a 66% savings off the cost of that stamp. Best of all, customers do not have to buy a mailing list or pay a mail house to prepare the mail for them. Never before has it been so easy for businesses to mail to their prospects. this is very helpful for our business
      great post :O