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  • Move Update, Update

    On Nov. 23, 2008, the United States Postal Service put Move Update requirements into effect for Standard Presort Mail as well as First Class Presort Mail. The good news is that the new implementation date of the Move Update non-compliance charge for Standard Mail pieces has been changed from May 11, 2009 to Jan. 4, 2010. Yet on the USPS Web site, the new standards themselves are still listed as being effective on May 11, 2009. We called the Move Update Support Department seeking clarification.

    A postal service employee on the support line said it is possible that Standard Mail that does not comply with the new Move Update standards may not be accepted after May 11.

    Postage Rate to Increase in May 2009

    Postal customers can partially stave off the higher rates for a little while by stocking up on Forever stamps now. But be warned: many post offices have difficulty keeping them in stock. For mailers who use meters or permit imprints, there is no putting off paying the higher postage.

    Move Update

    On Nov. 23, 2008, the United States Postal Service will require all standard presort mail to meet its newly revised standards for Move Update. This is a change the postal service hopes will significantly reduce the amount of mail that is undeliverable as addressed, which they say will lower their costs. Currently, standard presort mailings more ยป