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  • USPS and MaxBack Go Green / Get Green

    Shouldn’t Every Day Be Earth Day? The Go Green/Get Green program from MaxBack.com is supported by specially marked kiosks, located in more thank 3,100 post offices. It’s use of a QR code to bring customers directly to a mobile site, where they can find the estimated value of an old device, enables people to take enough more »

    I’m about to save a tree!

    Seeing Christmas trees for sale has me, once again, stepping onto my soapbox about the whole “Save a Tree” thing. Christmas trees are grown to be harvested for sale during the holiday season. Other trees are grown in private forests to be harvested to create wood and paper products. Why is that concept so hard more »

    The ‘Save a Tree’ myth

    How did you celebrate Earth Day this year? Did you hear a lot of talk about going paperless and saving trees? I did. And every time I hear a comment like that I feel a little more irritated. Why? Because so many well meaning people have that ‘save a tree’ thing backward. It makes me more »