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  • U.S. Postal Service RIBBS site infected by malware

    The Rapid Information Bulletin Board System (RIBBS) website has been infected with malware! This is especially distressing, as I often refer customers to that site for information on mailpiece design. The site also comes in handy for verification when they get that “What you talkin' bout, Willis?” look on their face when I tell them of certain mailing requirements foisted on us by the USPS.

    As a mailer,  I use RIBBS as a resource to keep up with the latest changes and updates on all things postal. It is distressing that the site was hacked, but even more distressing to me is the fact that, as one in the mailing industry, I was not notified by any U.S. postal personnel or office that the site was infected.

    There is some great information about the malware at Zscaler Research. At first I thought it was someone directly attacking the United States Postal Service but it's a Blackhole Exploit kit that has been infecting other legitimate sites in addition to the Postal Service RIBBS site.

    I hope that they can get the site running clean soon. Do you use RIBBS? If so, how often?



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