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    Gary Cooper makes “Legends of Hollywood” series.

    The postal service issued 40 million stamps bearing the likeness of Gary Cooper on Sept. 10. The Cooper stamps are the next release in the Legends of Hollywood series, which honors film icons from Hollywood’s “Golden Age.”

    Cooper’s stamp features a portrait by California artist Kazuhiku Sano, which is based on a 1940 George Hurrell photo of the star. The packaging includes a shot of Cooper as Marshall Will Kane from the movie “High Noon.”

    Maria Cooper Janis, Cooper’s daughter, attended the dedication ceremony, which was held at the Autry National Center of the American West in Los Angeles.


    USPS unveils turkey-day stamps.

    It may still feel like summer, but the postal service is looking ahead to the kickoff of the holiday season with the introduction of its new Thanksgiving stamps. The four new designs feature renderings of traditional Thanksgiving Day parade staples, such as marching bands and balloons, by Paul Rogers.

    The style of the hybrid digital media and airbrushed designs was influenced by mid-20th Century American commercial and poster art.

    Fittingly, the new stamps were dedicated at Macy’s Herald Square, in New York City, on Sept. 9.


    Reruns coming to a mailbox near you.

    The Early TV Memories stamp collection commemorates the nostalgic, black-and-white era of television.

    The stamps’ design is deliberately retro, featuring scenes from 20 golden-ages shows like “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” and “I Love Lucy” framed by an old-fashioned television screen. Credit art director Carl Herrman of North Las Vegas, Nevada, and San Francisco studio twenty2product with the stamps’ distinctive look.

    Lassie was spotted on the red carpet at the Los Angeles dedication ceremony, held on Aug. 11. Apparently Mr. Ed was snubbed.


    It seems like only yesterday.

    Hawaii has played a large role in 20th Century American History, but it has only been a state itself since 1959. Commemorating that entry into the Union, the postal service has issued a first-class Hawaii Statehood stamp.

    Herb Kawainui, the Hawaii-based artist who created the image used on the stamp, has studied Hawaiian history and culture on his own time. He worked with stamp designer Phil Jordan to produce the stamp, which displays a surfer riding a wave on a longboard in the foreground and is stylistically reminiscent of a postcard from the 1950s.

    The stamps were revealed in Honolulu on Aug 21, 2009, which was 50 years to the day after President Eisenhower signed the paperwork that admitted Hawaii as a state.


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