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  • Every Door Direct Mail program attracts new mailers

    The USPS’s new Every Door Direct Mail is generating a lot of interest and excitement from small businesses in our area and beyond. We’ve attended some of the seminars the Postal Service has put together to explain the program to the community, and have seen first-hand the enthusiastic response. Perhaps even more encouraging, we think more »

    U.S. Postal Service RIBBS site infected by malware

    The Rapid Information Bulletin Board System (RIBBS) website has been infected with malware! This is especially distressing, as I often refer customers to that site for information on mailpiece design. The site also comes in handy for verification when they get that “What you talkin’ bout, Willis?” look on their face when I tell them more »

    Christmas cards are in the mail.

    It’s the time of year when business picks up at the post office as people across the country get into the holiday spirit.  There are gifts and packages to ship, and about 1.9 billion Christmas cards to send. Greeting cards have actually been around for most of recorded history, going back to ancient China.  Europeans more »