United States Postal Service Full Service Approved
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  • Anniversary of the Postal Service Act

    On February 20, 1792, President George Washington signed the Postal Service Act. One of the most important features of this act is that it guaranteed inexpensive delivery of all newspapers, making information more accessible to the people of the United States. Another important feature guaranteed privacy to people who used the mail for correspondence. It more »

    On July 26, 1775 Second Continental Congress established The Post Office

    In Philadelphia, on July 26, 1775, Benjamin Franklin was named the first Postmaster General of the newly established United States Post Office. He still held that office the following summer when the Declaration of Independence was drafted and signed, and, so, remained the Postmaster General of the United States Post Office (USPO) until Nov, 1776. more »

    Real life legend of Stagecoach Mary

    Can’t think of any postal characters more interesting or better suited for a post during Black History Month than Mary Fields. Born a slave in Tennessee, she had an independent streak as wide as Montana, which is where she went when she was freed. In spite of her affinity for whiskey, cheap cigars, and fist more »