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  • Every Door Direct Mail program attracts new mailers

    USPS helps to find mans best friend

    The USPS's new Every Door Direct Mail is generating a lot of interest and excitement from small businesses in our area and beyond. We've attended some of the seminars the Postal Service has put together to explain the program to the community, and have seen first-hand the enthusiastic response. Perhaps even more encouraging, we think EDDM may draw people to direct mail who otherwise would not consider it a practical option.
    EDDM is a new category of mail that is simpler and more affordable to send than traditional bulk mail, because it eliminates the need for a mailing list and individually addressed mail pieces. The cost of postage and less complicated mailing process of EDDM are most often credited for attracting new customers, however the fact that the USPS is aggressively marketing the new program, and to the audience most likely to be interested, doesn't seem to be hurting. In essence, by targeting the businesses most likely to benefit from the new program with direct mail pieces inviting them to EDDM seminars, the Postal Service is making use of the same mailing benefits it extols to its customers.
    While small businesses are expected to be the core users of EDDM, one story has already emerged about someone who's found another use for the program. Randi Slocum of Stillwater, NY, used an Every Door Direct mailing to find her missing dog. Slocum's mother suggested the technique because it was a cost-effective way to get their message to every home in the area.

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    4 Responses to “Every Door Direct Mail program attracts new mailers”

    1. Yes. Jeremy, Maria and Jerry. Thank you all for posting your comments about Every Door Direct Mail.

    2. Jerry says:

      EDDM is a great program for many small businesses to get their offer to the right neighberhood at a great cost. Unfortunately, many small business owners will not spend the money to get their flat designed, printed and pay the postage of 14.5 cents per flat.

      There are numerous 9 x 12 co-op jumbo postcards that small businesses can get their message to 5,000 or 10,000 household just for pennies per household. This is a great way to test an offer and maybe even do as targeted postcard mailing later.

    3. maria jose says:

      Today is the trend of Every Door Direct Mail.This is the most commonly used mode for communicating through the mails nowadays by the various business persons . I really like this post.

    4. Many businesses look to online marketing as alternative to print advertising and direct mail. Do you think that customers save emails? With so much spam on the Internet today, it is very difficult to capture the attention of your customers in that medium. With this program, your customers can save your mail piece giving you months of return customers from that one tangible postcard.