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  • Seamless Acceptance

    This is a time of transition for the mailing industry in general, and the USPS is looking at ways to adapt to the new business environment. One of the changes the postal service is considering is a vaguely defined concept known as Seamless Acceptance. Seamless Acceptance is basically a simplified mail-entry process in which the more »

    Every Door Direct Mail

    The Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail program offers mailers an attractive new option for getting their message out. Every Door Direct Mail is essentially a streamlined process for sending saturation mail to a targeted area or areas without a mailing list. There are two sides to EDDM, to serve the needs of two different more »

    U.S. Postal Service RIBBS site infected by malware

    The Rapid Information Bulletin Board System (RIBBS) website has been infected with malware! This is especially distressing, as I often refer customers to that site for information on mailpiece design. The site also comes in handy for verification when they get that “What you talkin’ bout, Willis?” look on their face when I tell them more »