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  • Mail Music Monday looks back at the USPS of 1967

      Every time I hear this song, by Paul Revere and the Raiders, I wonder what it would be like if played at a higher speed? But when you look back at what was going on with the U.S. Postal Service when this song was written (1967), you realize that the bogged down, sluggish almost more »

    USPS closed and no mail delivery on Wednesday July 4

    Are you one of the many who are confused about the United States Postal Service and the Fourth of July holiday? I was especially confused with this year being a Leap Year and pushing the fourth to Wednesday. If this were not a Leap Year, July 4th would have fallen on a Tuesday. They celebrate more »

    Five day delivery and the holidays

    I have a lot of family and friends with birthdays this month and, I was just realizing that if the Five Day Delivery plan were already in effect, this would be one of those weekends when the mail would be delayed for three days of non –delivery instead of just one due to Veterans Day. And because more »