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  • October is National Stamp Collecting Month.

    The first postage stamps, introduced in Great Britain in 1840, revolutionized postal delivery.  The United States Postal Service introduced its own stamps in 1847, and made them the only acceptable form of postage payment eight years later.  Stamps allowed for postage to be prepaid by the sender.  Before stamps, postage was usually paid by the more »

    Collectible Stamps: Jenny, Jenny who didn’t turn you?

    People began collecting postage stamps almost immediately after the first example, the Penny Black, was issued in 1840.  Today it is one of the world’s most widely enjoyed hobbies, and it is estimated that there are 20 million stamp collectors just in the United States. While many people collect stamps as nothing more than a more »

    The Postal History of the United States. Part Three: Reaching for the Skies.

    The years between the late 19th Century and early 20th Century were an era of rapid technological advances, and communications were in on the revolution with the invention of the telephone and the radio.  But for the Postal Service, it was more a time of extending the network and technologies that were already in place.  more »