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  • March 2 is Texas Independence Day

    On March 2, Texas celebrates three things; Texas Independence Day, Sam Houston’s birthday and Texas Flag Day. Texas Independence Day is an official state holiday while the latter two events are commemorated on the same day. It was on March 2, 1836, that Texas formally declared its independence from Mexico. This was after the capture more »

    Dallas honors President John F. Kennedy

    This is a somber day. 50 years ago the president was killed in Dallas and the city has struggled with the stigma ever since. I admit that I’m impressed with how Dallas is handling this horrible anniversary. When all the hype about the events planned for today was just starting, I thought it was bordering on more »

    National Stamp Collector’s Month 2011

    Saw this pretty dolphin stamp and remembered that October is National Stamp Collector’s Month. It also reminded me of a childhood favorite TV show. Can you guess which show? Related Posts:Collectible Stamps: Jenny, Jenny who didn’t turn you?Schoolmaster Makes the Grade for Postal InnovationNational Stamp Collecting MonthAy Carumba!Collectible stamps: Grills