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  • Christmas cards are in the mail.

    It’s the time of year when business picks up at the post office as people across the country get into the holiday spirit.  There are gifts and packages to ship, and about 1.9 billion Christmas cards to send. Greeting cards have actually been around for most of recorded history, going back to ancient China.  Europeans more »

    The Postal History of the United States. Part Five: Building Up to Today’s Challenges

    The 20th Century was a period of unprecedented technological advancement in almost every field.  Communication in particular was revolutionized during that time, and each breakthrough would contribute in its own way to today’s era of near-instantaneous distribution of information. The first telephone exchange in North America became operational in 1878.  But like the telegraph before more »

    The Postal History of the United States. Part Four: New Competitors

    In 1919, a parcel shipping company from Seattle branched out to Oakland, California, and adopted a new name.  By 1930, the United Parcel Service would be delivering packages across the country, the same year it adopted the color brown for its delivery trucks.  Today UPS is a household name, a company that has its own more »