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  • Last Mail Music Monday of British Invasion Month

    Well, this is the final Mail Music Monday in February — or what I like to call “British Invasion” or “Beatlemania Month”.  Instead of using another tune by The Beatles I decided to use this song about them.

    The Four Preps started playing in 1956 and are still playing. Bruce Belland founded the band with three friends while attending Hollywood High School and is the only original member still with the group today. According to Wikipedia,

    “The group last appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in 1964, when “A Letter to The Beatles” charted for a total of three weeks beginning March 21, peaking at #85.”

    Another thought as we close up Beatlemania Month is that tomorrow is George Harrison's birthday. I was hoping to find a piece of mail music by George but couldn't. If you know of one, I hope you'll share it in the comments.

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    Anniversary of the Postal Service Act

    Seal of the Post Office Dept

    On February 20, 1792, President George Washington signed the Postal Service Act. One of the most important features of this act is that it guaranteed inexpensive delivery of all newspapers, making information more accessible to the people of the United States. Another important feature guaranteed privacy to people who used the mail for correspondence. It was unlawful for postal employees to open any mail unless it was undeliverable. These two things, freedom of information and privacy still are so important to all of us.

    The signing this act helped us gain our independence and, because the Postal Service Act also gave Congress the ability to expand postal services in new territories, it also helped this country grow.

    To this day, the United States Postal Service remains an important tool for communication. It may not be as fast as email but it's there for those who don't have access to the internet and in many rural communities the post office is a gathering place for news and information.


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    Mail Music Monday: British Invasion Month continues!

    Beatlemania has a hold on me so here's another great Mail Music tune from the Fab Four. “Please Mister Postman” was originally a hit for the Marvelettes. According to BeatlesBible.com,

    Originally the debut single in 1961 by Motown group The Marvelettes, Please Mister Postman was recorded two years later by The Beatles for their second album With The Beatles. It had been a part of their set since 1962.

    Because February 9 marked the 50th anniversary of The Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, I've deemed February “British Invasion Month” and I'm trying to come up with the perfect Mail Music Monday song for next week. Tuesday February 25 is George Harrison's birthday so I'm hoping to find a George Harrison song, or a Beatles song featuring him. If you know of such a song or would like to make a suggestion for Mail Music Monday, I'd love to hear it.

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