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  • A Muppets Christmas Mail Music Monday

    I heart the Muppets. This movie, “Letters to Santa: A Muppets Christmas”, came out a couple of years ago but well after we all became addicted to our tablets and smartphones. Even in this digital age, it’s interesting how many movies, TV shows and other pop culture references there are to snail mail. With good more »

    Mail Music Monday before Thanksgiving Day 2013

    There are a few songs that qualify for Mail Music Monday before Thanksgiving Day. I have ruled out most of them for one reason or another (too religious, NSFW, too depressing, too insulting, etc.) One of them gets used every year so, I really wanted to use a different piece of mail music this year. more »

    Mail Music Monday before 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK

    Living in a suburb of Dallas means being exposed to lots of stories this time of year about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. This being the 50th anniversary of the his assassination means even more stories than usual. I have mixed feelings about the events going on in Dallas and Fort Worth focused on more »