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  • Mail Music Monday before Thanksgiving Day 2013

    There are a few songs that qualify for Mail Music Monday before Thanksgiving Day. I have ruled out most of them for one reason or another (too religious, NSFW, too depressing, too insulting, etc.) One of them gets used every year so, I really wanted to use a different piece of mail music this year.

    Today, it's “Smiley Face (It's All Good)” ┬áby Bowling for Soup. When faced with the choices I will almost always go with a band from Texas if I can. I'm a fan of Bowling For Soup and I saw them live before they became well known. I still have the little flyer from that night because they played the same gig that my son's band played at the Galaxy Club in Deep Ellum. Yeah, we're talkin' way back in the day.

    Anyway, if you have any suggestions for Mail Music Monday right before Thanksgiving (or any mail music tune), please send it to me? Extra points if you can guess the song that gets played on every radio station, every Thanksgiving Day, that mentions mail.

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