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  • Pioneers of American Industrial Design commemorative stamps

    This summer, the USPS released its Pioneers of American Industrial Design commemorative stamps. The set celebrates American designers who have made a lasting impact on the look of the world we inhabit. That look, straight from the middle of the 20th Century, is seeping back into vogue now. Midcentury is all over television, with shows more »

    Google Doodle Valentine’s Day 2011

    We were pleasantly surprised to see today’s Google Doodle. If you love snailmail like we do, then you probably recognize the style of today’s Google Doodle from Robert Indiana, whose work was used to create a “Love” U. S. postage stamp in 1973. Do you have a favorite Valentine card, story or stamp? If so, more »

    Collectible stamps: Grills

    We’ve talked about the most famous American postage stamp.  But the Inverted Jenny, though highly valuable, is not the rarest.  That honor belongs to the stamp known as the Z Grill. In the stamp world, a grill is a pattern of indentations pressed into the paper.  These indentations serve two purposes: first, they allow the more »