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  • Mad Men Season 5 Premiere – was it good for you?

    As a long time fan of the series “Mad Men” on AMC, I have seen every episode and yet I can’t remember if they’ve ever mentioned a direct mail campaign? So, not having the time to watch all four previous seasons to find out, I did a little Googling. As often happens when I’m researching more »

    Mentions of USPS in pop culture today: Intro

    Seems a little backward to be posting an introduction to this series after an initial post with the “Mentions of USPS in pop culture” title but I just couldn’t wait to get that first post up. There are little flashes of inspiration that hit me all the time but so rarely get acted upon. I more »

    Mentions of USPS in Pop Culture Today: Part 1

    Watching television and about 2 thirds of the way into “The Ornithophobia Diffusion” episode of Big Bang Theory (CBS) there’s a mention of Sheldon’s fear of the mailman. I love this show and the fact that Sheldon is from Texas just makes it that much more fun because I live in Texas. Of course, also adding more »