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  • Mail Music Monday doesn’t get more mail related than this.

    “U.S. Mail” by Lenny Lashley

    I'm so lucky to have made Jamie McLennan's acquaintance! He goes by @Jamieprints on Twitter and has a fun JamiePrints Facebook page where you can learn and share about all things print. He always has a kind word and lots to offer at our weekly #printchat.

    Another great thing about Jamie is that he likes music and sends me Mail Music Monday tips. He sent this one to me a few weeks ago but I was doing all holiday related mail music. Thank you, Jamie! I almost couldn't wait to use it because this is the most mailcentric song ever written! I mean, it's called “U.S. Mail” for starts. And the lyrics are all postal related (of course) and the video has a post office, a mail collection box, a mailman, a letter, postage stamps (don't forget that postage rates went up so stamps cost more today!) and ? What am I forgetting?

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    WaterTower Theatre uses Direct Mail for Tom Sawyer

    TomSawyerCardWe  so proud to be WaterTower Theatre's  chosen mail service provider. WaterTower Theatre is an award winning not-for-profit theatre company in Addison, Texas. Their state-of-the-art facility is part of the Addison Theatre Centre which, fortunately for us, is just on the other side of the Addison Airport from our offices.

    Direct mail projects that we've done for WaterTower Theatre have included postcards, brochures and letters — most of them designed by the amazing folks at Rainmaker Advertising. This postcard they did for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer really captured my heart. Take a close look at the picture of the card and I bet you can guess why.


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    Mail Music Monday says, “Welcome to the Future”

    Wow! I really love this video. I usually post something that's sort of somber and serious on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day but, after lots of searching, I found this joyous mail music song from Brad Paisley.

    I hope you enjoy it and don't forget, today the U.S. Post Office is closed in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday.

    This time I've included the lyrics so you can sing along.

    “Welcome to the Future” Written by Charles Christopher Dubois and Brad Paisley

    When I was ten years old
    I remember thinkin' how cool it would be
    When we were goin' on an eight hour drive
    If I could just watch TV

    And I'd have given anything
    To have my own Pac-Man game at home
    I used to have to get a ride down to the arcade
    Now I've got it on my phone

    Hey, glory, glory, hallelujah
    Welcome to the future

    My grandpa was in World War II
    He fought against the Japanese
    He wrote a hundred letters to my grandma
    Mailed 'em from his base in the Philippines

    I wish they could see this now
    The world they say is changing oh
    ‘Cause I was on a video chat this morning
    With a company in Tokyo

    Hey, everyday is a revolution
    Welcome to the future

    Hey, look around it's all so clear
    Hey, wherever we would go and when we
    Hey, so many things I never thought I'd see
    Happening right in front of me

    I had a friend in school
    Running back on a football team
    They burned a cross in his front yard
    For asking out the home coming queen

    I thought about him today
    And everybody who's seen what he's seen
    From a woman on a bus
    To a man with a dream

    Hey, wake up Martin Luther
    Welcome to the future
    Hey, glory, glory, hallelujah
    Welcome to the future


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