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  • Mail Music Monday doesn’t get more mail related than this.

    “U.S. Mail” by Lenny Lashley

    I'm so lucky to have made Jamie McLennan's acquaintance! He goes by @Jamieprints on Twitter and has a fun JamiePrints Facebook page where you can learn and share about all things print. He always has a kind word and lots to offer at our weekly #printchat.

    Another great thing about Jamie is that he likes music and sends me Mail Music Monday tips. He sent this one to me a few weeks ago but I was doing all holiday related mail music. Thank you, Jamie! I almost couldn't wait to use it because this is the most mailcentric song ever written! I mean, it's called “U.S. Mail” for starts. And the lyrics are all postal related (of course) and the video has a post office, a mail collection box, a mailman, a letter, postage stamps (don't forget that postage rates went up so stamps cost more today!) and ? What am I forgetting?

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    2 Responses to “Mail Music Monday doesn’t get more mail related than this.”

    1. Katherine says:

      Gotta love Big J! I gave this man his own hashtag for a reason! #BeLikeJamie—you’ve got that down for the day.