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  • Mail Music Monday from “Inside Llewyn Davis”

    As a child of the 60's (and a huge Coen Brothers fan) I couldn't wait to see “Inside Llewyn Davis”. It wasn't what I expected and I had a hard time not singing aloud with a few of the songs. I won't spoil it for those of you who have yet to see it but I did think it would be fun to find a song from the soundtrack that could be this week's Mail Music Monday.

    While this is not the same version as the one used in the new Coen Brothers movie “Inside Llewyn Davis” it is, basically, the same song. That's how it is with old folk songs. They get passes around, rearranged and changed. The older the song, the more versions are out there. This version, by The Deep Dark Woods, mentions a letter while the one, sung beautifully by Oscar Isaac, in the movie does not.

    The Deep Dark Woods “official” video for “Hang Me, Oh Hang Me” is more, dare I say, upbeat and amusing but I used this one because it came closer to the style of the version in the movie and other traditional renditions.

    Oh! I have another reason for using a song that has a connection to this movie, which is loosely based on the life of Folk icon Dave Van Ronk. If you follow Mail Music Monday, then you may remember that last year I used a tune by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant (“Please Read the Letter”) that was produced by T-Bone Burnett, whose birthday is January 14. Of course, Alison Krauss's voice featured heavily in the soundtrack from another Coen Brothers movie that's soundtrack was also produced by Mr. Burnett.

    That ‘other' Coen Brothers movie is on my top ten list and I so is the soundtrack. So, you see, I had numerous reasons for choosing this song and, like a good folk song, they all circle round a constant theme.

    Even if you're not a fan of folk music, I hope you enjoy my efforts in finding songs that not only relate to snail mail but also to current events, etc. And, as always, thanks for checking out today's Mail Music.

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