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  • Mail Music Monday before Halloween 2013

    Today is the Mail Music Monday before Halloween so here's a treat, “Aloha from Hell” by the Cramps. I love rockabilly and these guys and gals know how to camp it up. I had the pleasure of working with a gentleman, by the name of Don Carter, who wrote a song they did.

    Don wrote songs that were performed by many different artists from Jeff Beck (B-I-Bickey-Bi-Bo-Bo-Go)┬áto Jim Reeves (How Can I Write on Paper?). The Cramps did a version of his song “Rockin' Bones” that I really like.

    Don told me a great story about going out to a Cramps show to hear them do his song. Now, keep in mind that Don looked like a gentle country boy — well, he was at least 50 when they did his song, so not really a ‘boy' but he was very country. He said that The Cramps treated him like he was royalty. Said they were some of the nicest people he ever met. Remembering that story makes me smile, thanks for letting me share it, and this perfect Halloween mail music song with you.

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