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  • Five day delivery and the holidays

    I have a lot of family and friends with birthdays this month and, I was just realizing that if the Five Day Delivery plan were already in effect, this would be one of those weekends when the mail would be delayed for three days of non –delivery instead of just one due to Veterans Day.

    And because Christmas is on a Sunday this year, the US Post Offices will be closed on Monday, December 26. So if Five Day Delivery was effective this year, we would have one less day to get those Christmas cards to their recipients. And what about the cards with the “ca-ching” money holders that many send as presents, and the gift cards that get mailed? No hoping that they get delivered that Saturday right before Christmas and what’s worse, no thinking, “Well, if it’s late, it will surely be there the Monday after” because there would be no mail delivery the Saturday before or the Monday after.

    Even if you’re not a procrastinator, you know that the USPS will be busier than usual and has cut back it’s work force so…

    This will be much trickier for those who live in rural communities. What about those who get prescriptions through the mail, have to pay bills before they go on trips, etc.? I’m glad that the PRC took them into consideration when it issued it’s report because I have at least six family members who live in rural areas and get prescriptions through the mail.

    Even if my livelihood did not depend on delivery of the mail, I depend on it for many other personal reasons. And the people who respond to posts on the internet are not typically the people who depend on the frequent delivery of the mail for the things that they need. Those folks have a harder time keeping up with the Postal Service’s plans and sharing their own concerns about it because they don’t live on the internet.

    If you think you know someone who would have problems due to the US Postal Service’s Five Day Delivery Plan, I hope you’ll speak for them by letting your representatives know. And, please leave a comment on this post if you have feelings on either side of the issue.

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