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  • Collectible Stamps: Jenny, Jenny who didn’t turn you?

    People began collecting postage stamps almost immediately after the first example, the Penny Black, was issued in 1840.  Today it is one of the world’s most widely enjoyed hobbies, and it is estimated that there are 20 million stamp collectors just in the United States. While many people collect stamps as nothing more than a more »

    Pop culture and the postman

    Perhaps it is a sign of how electronic communication has changed our culture, but I’ve noticed that there are no more mailmen on TV.  It wasn’t so long ago when the postal service was such a part of everyday life that characters who worked as postmen were fairly common in entertainment. The most recent example more »

    National Stamp Collecting Month

    Highlights Franklin D. Roosevelt John Lennon Ronnie Wood Did you know that the USPS designates October as National Stamp Collecting Month?  Every fall the postal service kicks off the month-long celebration of philately by unveiling a new collector stamp series for the youth market. Stamp collecting was once the most popular hobby in the world, more »