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  • Mail Music Monday tune kicks off National Stamp Collecting Month

    October is National Stamp Collecting Month. This really fun video of I’m From Barcelona doing their song “Collection of Stamps” fits the bill perfectly. Hope it gets your October off to a happy start. Oh, and, if you have a stamp collection, we’d love for you to share your stories by leaving a comment.   more »

    National Stamp Collector’s Month 2011

    Saw this pretty dolphin stamp and remembered that October is National Stamp Collector’s Month. It also reminded me of a childhood favorite TV show. Can you guess which show? Related Posts:Collectible Stamps: Jenny, Jenny who didn’t turn you?Schoolmaster Makes the Grade for Postal InnovationNational Stamp Collecting MonthAy Carumba!Collectible stamps: Grills

    October is National Stamp Collecting Month.

    The first postage stamps, introduced in Great Britain in 1840, revolutionized postal delivery.  The United States Postal Service introduced its own stamps in 1847, and made them the only acceptable form of postage payment eight years later.  Stamps allowed for postage to be prepaid by the sender.  Before stamps, postage was usually paid by the more »